To Know LLB Lighting is to know our four distinct brands

To know LLB Lighting is to know our four distinct brands:
Corbett Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting®, Troy Lighting and CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting). While each brand upholds our promise of quality, expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, each reflects its own identity. Created with the most unique and original beings in mind, each brand serves as a personal extension of you or your client’s style, taste and vision of life. For example, do you have an eye for the exotic and a flair for the bold? Or do you hold authenticity, elegance and timelessness as higher goals? Are you looking to fill your home with cool, casual and effortless objects? Or do you you put a higher premium on technology, efficiency and function? These questions will lead you down a path of discovery. We are happy to be your guide.