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Dec 11
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_ In 2012, LLB Lighting appeared in various issues of Casa Vogue Magazine. Some of the highlights include Graffiti from Corbett Lighting, Waterloo from Hudson Valley Lighting and Menlo Park by Troy Lighting. From weathered hand-worked wrought iron to contemporary polished nickel, these fixtures provide the perfect complement for a wide-range of design needs. Here’s an up-close look into what makes these fixtures so unique: Graffiti’s hand-crafted iron stems are brightened with multiple lights, creating a truly dazzling and artful effect. The shape of the fixture, resembling a flickering and delicate flame, draws the viewer in leaving a definitive impact. Graffiti comes in a polished silver and stainless steel finish. It appeared in the May 2012 issue.
Waterloo, from Hudson Valley Lighting, defines timeless sophistication. The crystal spheres adoring each end of the fixture pays testament to its handcrafted elegance. When lit the crystal provides a striking luminous transparency. The glass carbon filament bulbs encased in the open polished nickel frame complete this stunning centerpiece. Waterloo appeared in the September 2012 issue.

Named for Thomas Edison’s laboratory, Menlo Park provides a memorable accent to any interior. The weathered, urban elements of Menlo Park serve as an audacious ode to the industrial age. Capturing both contemporary and rustic aesthetics, Menlo Park is suspended by stainless steel and solid brass turnbuckle-style cables, and a circular hand-worked iron base in old silver. Historic pressed glass insulators function to compliment the early electric style lamps. Menlo Park appeared in the November 2012 issue.

Be sure to look out for more from LLB Lighting in the upcoming 2013 issues of Casa Vogue!

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